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Kunden Rückinformation

India, January 2015
We purchased a laparoscopy set from your esteem organization, Nopa Germany in September 1998, since then, we are very much satisfied with the performance.
Egypt, November 2014
Thank you very much for your great assistance and additions you made to us. I appreciate doing such a great job in such a short and precious time.
Australia, March 2014
Wow, just installed the new containers and the first time I am seeing them and wanted to comment that they are quite impressive especially the Locking side and more attractive.
Italy, November 2013
Grazie nopa. Sei super brava. A presto. un caro saluto
Paraguay, Mai 2013
S. buenos días: la prueba fue excelente pero estaba esperando tener la carta o la respuesta oficial. Solo dos pasaron la prueba de esterilización y nopa fue uno de ellos es lo que me comentan así que te estaré informando supuestamente hoy tendría novedades sobre eso. Saludos cordiales
Singapore, December 2011
Wow...... your service level is really fantastic. Beyond words. You have just saved us!! Thank you so very much. Lots of hugs and kisses from A., C. and me.
Australia, Mai 2011
Only a few Words as it looks very good! Wonderful, Wonderful,Wonderful! and........ Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!. I will now come out of hiding and confirm this picture with my customer. Once again thanks for your efforts and apologies for my continous annoyance with follow up.
Malaysia, Mai 2011
I think better we stick to 16 letters requirement. I already sent you the amended copy of the file. A. is in the middle of preparing the PO to nopa. I hope we will be able to send it over before day ends. Thank you once again for all the supports rendered. It’s definitely a pleasure to be associated with nopa.
USA, October 2011
I am so very happy with the qualitiy of your products. So are my customer. Iam very close to distributing a catalogue featuring the instruments along with pictures. I have many distributors across the country waiting for its release. My customer stresses good quality and I try to provide an ease with ordering. With this in mind, I want to stress the importance of the etching on the instruments. This is very important to us.
South Africa, June 2010
Vielen Dank. This looks like a good amount of items, I think we can ship those. You will get DHL to pick up correct? By the way, we got the instruments and catalogues from you guys. It is beautiful!! The instruments seems very high quality and well worked off, we are very exited to do more business with you!!
Malaysia, April 2010
Thank you very much for the explanations and I’m very happy with your assurances. I trust you will do your best to deliver the stocks the soonest possible time. I’ve been dealing with many oversea suppliers and frankly speaking, I found NOPA is the best company to deal with. I really hope our companies business relationship will continue for a very long time.
India, March 2010
Dear Sir, Thank you very much Just now we received your catalogues and it is excellent. Waititng for further Positive steps from your end to start our work. Thanks&Regards
Polen, June 2009
Dear Sir, just wanted to drop you a line re testing the equipment. today we tested the camera during operation with some of my clients! They were happy with the quality despite the fact it’s an economic product! but it performs well in difficult surgery conditions!